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Snail Mail

“Think in Ink: While many revel in the ease and convenience of instantaneous communication, and are addicted to the instant gratification of a text or email, writing by hand focuses the mind. There is no delete button, no backspace, so words must be considered and chosen carefully before being committed to paper, making their meaning more succinct.” (This Quote is from the inner cover of a Debrett’s journal I found in Harrods).

As much as I love typing things out digitally, sending things instantly and how small the world has become–nothing will ever replace a handwritten letter sent through good ole’ snail mail. I think when we sit down with pen and paper we have no other choice but to be careful and intentional with our words.

One of my favorite things is picking out stationery, buying pretty pens and using those supplies for writing out letters or notes to those I love. There is something so satisfying in addressing an envelope and dropping it in the mail! I just bought myself a booklet of stamps today, I am quite excited that my postage stamps say love on them; so now when I send my letters I am literally sending love your way. (Super cheesy, but true!)

I write letters and send them because I know how much it means to me when I receive a handwritten note or card in the mail. But I never write with the expectation of people responding; however, it is a wonderful treat when I am surprised by a response, as I was last night.

This past year, while I was in Scotland, I realized how important it is that we utilize snail mail. One of my grandmothers does not have an iPhone or the newest technology so she would write me letters. When you can’t talk to a person everyday, you realize just how special of a gift a hand written card or note is.

Maybe it is the historian in me that loves pen and paper so much. Come to think of it, I do have friends who have sorted through countless letters for their dissertation. There is just something nice in knowing that these words, intentionally written and heartfelt could still be in existence a hundred of years from now. I love the idea that these words I physically write will not have been saved on some digital server but instead, in someone’s drawer or a shoebox. Isn’t that just a lovely thought?

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to write more letters! So far I have done fairly well with it and with the amount of postage stamps I purchased today, I have hope that I will be sending more! I am also preparing myself for Valentine’s Day! Yesterday I purchased my Valentines and I am way too excited about them. Are you planning on sending any Valentine’s?

Friends, I hope that you will be inspired to take up pen and paper and send someone you love a handwritten note telling them how much you care!

May the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

Peace, Joy, Blessings and So Much Love,


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