screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-9-48-04-pmI have just recently finished my Master’s degree in Modern History at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. In the past year I have embarked on a journey that has led me to some extraordinary findings and places. This is a journey that has not been easy, there has been heartache, difficulties and suffering but there has also been immense joy, laughter and incredible amounts of love. Two years ago, I began to take an active role in my relationship with God and my faith. I began listening and attempting to hear that sweet whisper that belongs to my Savior. This blog originally began as a fashion blog at the beginning of 2014 however, it was left with only a few posts until Septemberish (2014). By September 2014 I really started to listen and record what it was that I heard when I was still. What I have heard, what I have felt and the love that I have found has blown my mind–I have truly been blessed. This blog records my journey through this life; the hurt, the pain and the heartache, the joy, the love and the laughter can all be found here. As I began sharing my experiences and allowing myself to become vulnerable I found a healing and a deepening of my relationship with God. I also found that by using my voice I have reminded many people that they are not alone and I have been reminded over and over that I am  not alone. Life is full of amazing surprises, twists and turns so lets see where we end up! Pull up a chair and stay a while, all are truly welcome here.

Peace, Love, Joy and Blessings–Margaret

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